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York Cause Papers, another Digital Library project

This morning sees the launch of the York Cause Papers images, the result of a JISC-funded rapid digitisation project which ran through to the summer of 2011. The Digital Library has been responsible for taking the scanned images and ingesting them into a Fedora Commons repository, using a configured version of our YODL interface. The HRI in Sheffield host and mange the searchable database of the Cause Papers, and have added links from this database to the image repository, hosted here in York.

The Cause Papers are a fascinating resource, with originals held in the Borthwick Institute for Archives. Further information about the papers and the project can be found in the University’s press release.

To search the York Cause Papers database and find page images Images may also be accessed directly from



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The all new York Digital Library

On the 1st March, the Digital Library went live with it’s new interface and a number of new image collections, totalling several thousand images. The interface has been developed as part of the JISC YODL-ING project, as an extensible multimedia search and browse interface. The first iteration contains tabs for searching all resources in the digital library – this searches the dublin core metadata present on everything in YODL. A second tab offers a dedicated image search tab and makes use of the rich VRA data associated with image objects. Collection browsing offers an alternative to searching and image streaming allows users to zoom and pan a high quality image in the browser.

Many of these images are free for public use without any login. York users may login to see full resolution images and to access some additional collections, particularly for History of Art students. The collections themselves include photographs from the Library collections, showing the University throughout it’s near 50 year history, and academic image collections from Nigel Morgan, Jane Hawkes, Amanda Lillie and Helen Hills cover a range of History of Art topics.

In addition, in the background the Digital Library now runs on Linux Ubuntu VM-ware (upgraded from Solaris), on the very latest version of Fedora Commons (3.4.2) with FeSL providing access control, and an upgraded Muradora (1.4) for our submission workflow. Various custom components are included which have been developed by the York team, in particular Nigel Thomas (interface) and Frank Feng (workflow). Special mention also to our partners  Steve Bayliss and Martin Dow at Acuity Unlimited, who have helped troubleshoot some thorny issues whilst also working on prototypes (more on these in future posts).

York Digital Library (YODL) can be found at

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YODL available again

the upgrade on YODL is now complete, and the system is available for use again

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YODL downtime thurs 16th april 2009

The digital repository will be going off line thursday afternoon for essential maintenance work.  It may reappear for brief periods during the afternoon, this will be to permit administrator testing.  Please do not try to use it during this period,  the system should be available again  on friday . There will be an update to this  blog  to confirm when work is complete.

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1) “lost and found” – more images now on YODL, 2) upgrade planned for thursdaY

We now have almost 3000 images uploaded to YODL (YOrk Digital Library). Approximately 300 newly scanned images have been added to the existing images in the History of Art collection. We have also just completed an exercise to locate and upload another three hundred or so image files which could not be included in the initial bulk upload due to mistyped file names in the original records. These have been now been hand edited, corrected and uploaded to YODL. Painstaking and fiddly work, but satisfying to get it done! We have also carried out testing of a neccesary upgrade (from Fedora 2.2.3 to Fedora 2.2.4 ) which should make the system more robust as well as fixing a known bug, and plan to apply this to the live system later this week.

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Recruiting Systems Developer/Administrator positions at York

We currently have two positions available to work on our Fedora implementation here at York.  Further information is available in the ‘Management & Professional’ section of the vacancy pages:

One job is permanent – a rare thing in the repositories space and needs a mix of technical and user support skills.  The other is a two-year development post focussed on building services on top of our Fedora installation to support a range of repository functions and content types.

Please email Elizabeth Harbord (Project Director) at if you would like an informal chat about the post.

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