Digital Library Improvements for the autumn term

Over the summer we have been working with a student on a usability study of York Digital Library. The resulting dissertation has given us valuable data for the ongoing improvement of the Digital Library. As a first step, we assembled a list of priority issues for the start of this academic year and have pushed forward with a ‘usability sprint’. The following list of changes are mostly small, but together we feel they will help students and other users navigate around the Digital Library and get more out of our collections.

All of these changes will be visible early on Sunday 7th October.

Release Notes – Digital Library – Version YODL 2 2012-09

Usability and Display Issues

  • Artist names do not display in the metadata detail page if there is no role specified (eg. sculptor)
  • Attribution field does not display in image metadata detail
  • Reorganise label information for location image detail
  • Add a hyphen between earliestDate and latestDate in image metadata detail
  • Problems with display of rights info for images
  • Display multiple titles in image detail page
  • Make order of fields in ‘home’ detail view consistent
  • Truncate long titles in search results display
  • Make description display for collections in collections detail page
  • Make sort order of browse tree and results alphabetical by default
  • Indexing Issue with DC, some fields are not searching; allow all fields to be searched
  • Change label for location in image detail page, for clarity
  • Correct bug where creator appears twice in home detail page
  • Correct bug where type displays twice on collection detail view
  • Add which collection(s) a resource belongs to for the resource detail page
  • Offer sort options for browse/search
  • Display date with search results on Exam Papers
  • Breadcrumb trail for search results
  • Change sort order in browse to alphabetical
  • Exclude openart results from search, as reported as confusing to users
  • Remove thumbnail from download list on all objects, as reported as confusing to users
  • Make “about the image” open by default in image metadata detail
  • Refresh featured items on homepage
  • Improve introductory information and help on homepage
  • Add a general help page
  • Add a help pop-up by the download button
  • Fix bug in sort by in search
  • Add a link to the help page from ‘need help’ section on homepage
  • Re-order collection metadata display: dd subject before rights in collection
  • Enhance collection metadata

Access and security improvements

  • YODL login / session management improvements, to prevent users from being ‘thrown out’ of their logged in session
  • Make Masters theses metadata public; restrict files to York users
  • Make top level and department exam papers collections metadata public to aid navigation

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