OpenART – Some Wins and Fails

Win! Researcher on hand to explain the data and answer questions.

Win! Openness to being open with the data.

Win! Increased understanding of open data and ontologies for the domain.

Win! Ready-made expertise on the team.

Win! Google Refine as a quick way of experimenting with spreadsheet data and getting RDF out of spreadsheets.

Win! Indexing in SINDICE should be a quick win.

Fail! The ontology took longer to create than we anticipated.

Fail! The data is complex and still a work in progress, the spreadsheets memory-hungry and in need of some cleanup and post-processing.

Fail! Lots of re-visiting and round-tripping slows things down.

Fail! There is a gap between the precision needed for an ontology and the working spreadsheets of a researcher.


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