Exploring different approaches to getting stuff done

I’m probably not alone in having some budget to spend up before July, the University financial year end. Like most Universities, we’re year facing a lean year in 2011/12 , so I have been trying to make best use of the funds I have available, within the timeframe given.

As part of this, I’ve identified some pieces of technical work and put these out in an ITT.  The full ITT is available from:

In brief, the three pieces of work are:
1) Implementation of the University of York Archives Hub Spoke and archival stylesheet development

2) Re-usable EAD generation and conversion (from spreadsheets)

3) Implementing page turning and sequencing within a Fedora Commons repository

There are many more things we want to do in the Digital Library but I have chosen these three to help us get a feel for how this approach would fare in the community, whether there are contractors out there looking for small pieces of work like this.


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