Digital Library 2010 and beyond

It’s New Year and time for an update on what’s going on in the University of York Digital Library and to reflect on what is in store for the next year or so.

In terms of our core funding, this ends in the summer of 2010, with the JISC YODL-ING project funded until March 2011. These funding deadlines help frame our work for the next period and to fit in with this I have created a ‘roadmap‘ document, intended to show where we are planning to get to in the next 18 months. This document is still a ‘draft’, intended to be flexible enough to incorporate changes in direction if circumstances alter. As always, comments are very welcome about the document and the future direction of the Digital Library.

The project has now been around for a little over 2 years, with the first year being spent in recruiting staff, deciding on the architecture and establishing requirements. Since August 2008, a lot has happened, culminating in a York Digital Library (YODL) beta service which is now available for testing with public open access to some content and additional collections access controlled by University username and password. Other highlights from the past 2 years include our History of Art Image Service which, over the coming year, will see students of History of Art actively using YODL to view and download images; also, the Electronic Key Texts pilot which last year made a series of recommendations about how the Library could begin to offer course readings electronically, moves into phase 2 of the pilot to really test delivering content to selected Departments. Lastly, we have been part of another successful JISC bid and are now a partner on the Lifecycle strategies and architecture for regional e-content (LIFE-SHARE) project with Leeds as lead, Sheffield and JISC Digital Media.

For the coming months, a raft of developments are happening, including some performance enhancements, allowing York users to add their own content to YODL and a new improved interface. That’s aside from all the collections which will be coming on stream this year, including lots of images from History of Art, Archaeology, King’s Manor and the Borthwick Institute


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