Rapid Innovation in Development

As a new recruit to the Digital library Team particularly YODL-ING, I have had the pleasant opportunity to attend the JISC conference – Rapid innovation in Technology – hosted at the breath taking City of Manchester Stadium by UKOLN.

The two day conference was organised into a series of events focused around introducing and encouraging the exchange of ideas between developers from the recently funded JISC Rapid Innovation Projects.  The first day had a series of short introductory speeches from each participant, followed by a series of expert talks and review groups.  The second day saw the official launch of DevCSI – a community project to establish a network for developers in education sector, as well as expert talks and presentations from developers.

Each invited guest was required to give a 45 second presentation on their projects followed by constructive feedback and then a 20 second condensed “Dragon’s Den” like pitch the following day.  Being on the job for two days, I didn’t expect the third day would involve presenting to room of 50 people about the project! The baptism of fire approach however did help condense my ideas about the project into a succinct pitch, a useful skill indeed. A short interview of the YODL-ING project was taken by blogger Kirsty McGill and presented at the IEDemonstrator blog, with videos of the 20 second pitch to follow.

Overall the conference was well organised, enjoyable and productive.

Till the next one! Nigel.


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