First user testing of YODL

On Tuesday of this (21st April) week we carried out our first user-testing on the Digital Library (YODL), with two academic members of staff from the History of Art Department. We used a method known as ‘thinking aloud’, which involves giving the testers some tasks to complete using the interface you are testing, and asking them to speak out any thoughts, impressions, frustrations they have as they use the system, which you note down. This worked very well and we had a lively session, with plenty of opinions and ideas!

The main outputs were a series of changes to the interface design, some of which are relatively minor and others of which would involve a fair amount of work. In general, the challenge is to create something which meets the specific needs of particular user groups (in this case History of Art), but which is also applicable to the wider user community. We plan to implement some of the changes suggested and then do further testing with History of Art.


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