1) “lost and found” – more images now on YODL, 2) upgrade planned for thursdaY

We now have almost 3000 images uploaded to YODL (YOrk Digital Library). Approximately 300 newly scanned images have been added to the existing images in the History of Art collection. We have also just completed an exercise to locate and upload another three hundred or so image files which could not be included in the initial bulk upload due to mistyped file names in the original records. These have been now been hand edited, corrected and uploaded to YODL. Painstaking and fiddly work, but satisfying to get it done! We have also carried out testing of a neccesary upgrade (from Fedora 2.2.3 to Fedora 2.2.4 ) which should make the system more robust as well as fixing a known bug, and plan to apply this to the live system later this week.


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