SAFIR requirements document

The first major deliverable for SAFIR is partially ready for public release. It’s version 1.0 of our requirements specification and it outlines a high-level view of the University of York’s digital library. The document is actually part of something much longer which contains a list of very specific, detailed requirements against which we are about to compare a number of software systems.

The over-arching model outlined in this document is based on OAIS (the reference model for an Open Archival Information System) … why? because I am a great believer in using standards, even at the highest-level. Also, I already knew a little bit about it from a previous life and although it is by no means perfect, it does give us a place to start from and a set of terminology with which to frame our conversations.

Still, I do want this document to be of practical use and rather that just offering a list of requirements for inclusion in a software evaluation, so we have aimed at creating something that can evolve with the digital library project and its chosen system.

Once the software selection is complete, hopefully in late February, the more detailed requirements will also be made public … going along with the document’s own assertion that “anything that can be made public, will be made public”.

Find it here:


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